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Ceremony Magazine Los Angeles 2014 | Spring Fling

Cameron Leung Photography via layoutbar_main-3Cameron Leung Photography via  Cameron Leung Photography via  Cameron Leung Photography via  Cameron Leung Photography via  Cameron Leung Photography via layoutbar_main-3Cameron Leung Photography via

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Vendor Ingenuity | Whimsíque: Designer Invitations & Stationery

Vendor Ingenuity Spotlight with Melissa Ward of Whimsique: Designer Invitations & Stationery

Name: Melissa Ward
Title: Owner/Principal Designer
Company Name: Whimsíque: Designer Invitations & Stationery

Mark Berning Photography

I started my business in….

This is how it came to be…
My first job out of college was at a non-profit where I produced events and designed the marketing materials and graphics for them. I had a lot of friends see my work and ask me to do their wedding invites, which I did as gifts. When I left that job to pursue one in “Corporate America” as a project manager and eventually Art Director, I missed the creativity I once got to utilize all the time, which is when I decided to start Whimsíque. After a year and a half of working full time as an Art Director and running my own business in my spare time, I was fortunate enough to leave the corporate life and pursue Whimsíque full time. It was the best career move I ever made. I could not be happier.

A little bit about my background…
I grew up in San Diego (North County) and I was the only girl in a family surrounded with boys. When I finished high school, I decided to pursue a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. I have always loved art and anything creative (I used to get in trouble for painting murals on my closets and bedroom walls among other things when I was younger) and I thought Graphic Design would give me a chance to still be creative and have the flexibility to work from home or freelance and I loved the idea of endless possibilities. After graduating, I decided to take 6 months off before starting to search for a job and went to Fiji to do humanitarian and missionary work in the more rural areas of the islands where they lack proper eye and dental care among other things (talk about putting life in perspective). When I returned to San Diego, I decided

When I returned to San Diego, I decided to take a job at a non-profit doing design work. I consider myself pretty driven and hardworking, and after a few months I ended up redesigning their entire website, starting to freelance for a magazine and was offered a new position overseeing events and design for another company. That is what slowly led me to where I am today. I was surrounded my amazing creative individuals and was always challenged to step out of my comfort zone and to think outside the box to come up with things to inspire others.

The décor element I never tire of…
Laser cut – I. LOVE. IT. There are so many possibilities and ALL of them look amazing.

The perfect wedding day signature cocktail…
A margarita – everyone loves a good margarita. Being from San Diego, you can’t help have a little Spanish influence.

My design philosophy…
It’s not about me, it’s about you. My job is to bring my client’s vision and personality to light and I try my best to put myself in their shoes and come up with a design that truly reflects them.

Mark Berning Photography

One or two words to describe my style…
Elegant and chic.

I love weddings because…
It is always a happy and exciting time in someone’s life, and I get to see a small glimpse of what that is like for them. I also love weddings because each one is different, just like the couple. No two are the same and that means no two styles or designs are the same. I love that one could be modern and clean and the other vintage and ornate.

My best advice to couples for the big day…
If nothing else, hire a coordinator for the day of — that way your complete focus can be your fiancé and you can relax and enjoy the most important and special day in your life (and all that hard work).

My favorite reality TV show is…
The Bachelor/Bachelorette!  

If I could have front row seats to any concert regardless of money, I would see…
U2. I have seen them once in concert and it was by far the BEST concert I have ever been to. I would love to do that again.

The app I can’t live without is…

My favorite restaurant of all time is…
Frontera Grill in Chicago.

The tastiest food and drink indulgence is…
A mojito and chips with white sauce from Miguels.

Mark Berning Photography

The best day of my life…
Marrying my husband… then the birth of my children

If money were no object, I would…
Take my family on a Disney cruise and finish updating my home (so it looks like my Pinterest boards).

I believe….
In working hard, loving deeply, and putting God and family first.

Something most people don’t know about me…
- I was runner up to be on MTV’s Real World Las Vegas (back in the day).
- I almost became an elementary school teacher.
- My freshman year in college I thought I would be married at 21 and have 3 kids by the time I was 26. (What?!)
- I made my own wedding invitations and looking back- they were pretty awful.

Whimsíque: Designer Invitations & Stationery is a Ceremony Magazine Great List member. Click here to learn more about our Great List members.

Photography | Mark Berning Photography


FAB PHOTO | Lucero Photography via

In the light of day, I know you are the one.

FAB PHOTO by Lucero Photography

Ceremony Blog Presents | Gown of the Week

Dress of the Week
Here’s a review of the stylish gowns featured this week on the Ceremony Blog. Monday: Yumi Katsura Couture ’Artemis,’ Tuesday: Rivini ’Letta,‘ Wednesday: Jean-Ralph Thurin ’Giovana,’ Thursday: Hayley Paige ’Langston,‘ and Friday: Gemy Maalouf.

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Dress of the Day | Gemy Maalouf

Gemy Maalouf via

The entire 2015 collection by Lebanese designer, Gemy Maalouf is what we call at Ceremony, PURE WEDDING INGENUITY! Stay tuned for more daring and delicious designs.