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How Do You Know?

How do you know he is…the one? You may have been asked this question by your parents, your friends, even yourself. The answer isn’t always perfectly clear; he may or may not be ‘ideal’ on paper; you may have known him for only two months or perhaps you’ve been hanging in there a good five years; he may be a cowboy while you were visualizing a business man. The so-called ‘signs’ aren’t always there, but somehow, you just know.

At Ceremony, we feel the same way about our Great List of vendors that we recommend. We take this vendor collective very seriously, which is why we don’t put arbitrary consideration requirements in an antiquated form. We don’t have a scholastic checklist to help us come up with an ‘A’ grade. We don’t even have a job application type form to fill out. You see, when it comes to choosing our Great List of recommended vendors, we believe there is no specific formula for choosing who we invite to join our family. Probably not unlike you, we take a look-see at Facebook, we inquire with their friends and colleagues and, most importantly, we get to know them by social networking the old-fashioned way (in person). In the end, we go with our gut. We just…know.

You will find that some of these recommended vendors have refined their businesses over the past twenty years, while others bring fresh ideas after having recently started their own businesses. Many of our recommended venues are on the AAA Five-Diamond Resort list; others include charming private estates and everything in between. What they all have in common is that we have a mutual respect for each other; we each genuinely want to see the other succeed; we envision a future together. Do those relationship qualities sound familiar with someone you know?

We hope that you will find this varied Great List vendor collective to be helpful in finding your wedding day professionals. There is no single vendor that is perfect for everyone, but there are vendors that are perfect for you. And when you meet them, you will just know.