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Overload your visual senses with wedding décor to die for.

SAVE THE DATE | A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Flowers at Casablanca by Adrienne Moore, The Bloom of Time

Join us for the happiest of hours on Saturday, April 26th at 5:00 P.M. at the Casablanca Bridal Flagship Store as Adrienne Moore of The Bloom of Time divulges need to know facts about wedding flowers. Bubbly and delectable treats will be served! Adrienne is the celebrated floral designer featured on the Orange County December, 2014 cover of Ceremony Magazine. Casablanca Bridal is located at 7942 E. Coast Highway, Newport Beach. RSVPs are appreciated. Please call 949.715.8228 to reserve your place.

Ceremony Magazine Orange County 2014 Tabletop Inspiration | Afternoon Delight

Don Norris Photography via (1) layoutbar_main-2Don Norris Photography via (6)  Don Norris Photography via (2)  Don Norris Photography via (3)  Don Norris Photography via (4)  Don Norris Photography via (5)  Don Norris Photography via (7) layoutbar_main-2Don Norris Photography via (8)

Dahlias, Tulips, Succulents, Ranunculus, Carnations, Dusty Miller, Greens

[Photography] Don Norris Photography
[Location] Griffith Park, Los Angeles
[Floral Design | Linens | Rentals] Aquafuzion

Ceremony Magazine Los Angeles 2014 Tabletop Inspiration | Crisp Summer Day

Sam Lim Studios via (1) layoutbar_main-6Sam Lim Studios via (2)  Sam Lim Studios via (3)  Sam Lim Studios via (4) layoutbar_main-6Sam Lim Studios via (5)

Roses, Dahlias, Green Mist, Eucalyptus, Amaranthus, Hydrangea

[Photography] Sam Lim Studio
[Location] Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village
[Linens] Wildflower Linen
[Rentals] Classic Party Rentals
[Floral Design] Fascinare

Vendor Ingenuity | The Five Senses of Décor: Designing Your Environment

Insight by Adrianne Smith Floral Design | Photographed by Jennifer Dery Photography

The moment you share a raw sensory experience with someone, you leave a lasting impression. This memory is what inspires Adrianne Smith to create genuine and organically driven floral décor for weddings and special events.

As a country girl at heart, Adrianne grew up rolling around in haystacks, picking fresh citrus from trees, and watching the sunset cast a pink hue over the horizon. Her love for the great outdoors and nature’s true beauty fuels her craft for designing environments of real authenticity; and a background in studio art and interior design qualifies her to do so.

Opening up her own oasis, a 1940s California ranch-styled hacienda, styled for a casual fall festivity, Adrianne shared with Ceremony her design philosophies on how to best achieve a sensual atmosphere. You remember the smell of rosemary, the way a rose petal feels, the taste of ethnic cuisine; imagine merging all of the senses into one cohesive wedding scheme for a night you and your guests will never forget.

The Sense of Sight: Visualize the Space
Consider Your Venue
“You must be smitten with your environment,” says Adrianne. “If the space does not speak to you personally, forget trying to transform it into something it’s not.” Outdoor spaces can be easily inspired by their natural surroundings, where as an indoor venue has key factors to consider, such as the architecture, carpeting (like many ballrooms), wall color, lighting and history. Work with the existing design and not against it. This can help keep your decor costs low and aid in creating a genuine theme.

The Color Palette
Don’t get too carried away with a color scheme. If you’ve selected a dominant color (often times your favorite) narrow down the palette by picking your top three wedding inspiration images. This will usually balance out your final shades. Consider the look of the venue and make sure that your colors will enhance the natural design of the space.

Dressing the Table
Always start with a fabulous linen. Like in fashion, the linen is the foundation that dresses the entire table design and can inspire the overall décor. Incorporating a dynamic floor plan with a mix of table sizes and shapes will visually create interest without seeming repetitive.

The Sense of Touch: Texturize your Décor
Texture means tactual, the sense of touch. Make a statement by including one common denominator or specific texture into your design, like a rose or foliage, to pull the scheme together. Flowers rich in texture have multi-layers of depth and shape, and varying the size of centerpieces (based on the table proportions) will also add dimension to your space. Paper goods like invitations, menus and escort cards offer another element of design that is physically felt and can bring your full décor concept to completion.

The Sense of Smell: Seasonal & Local Flowers
You’ve heard the saying, stop and smell the roses. The flowers you incorporate into your ceremony site, arrangements and bouquet will radiate a fragrance that you will remember for days to come. Flowers are seasonal and can be much more expensive when desired in their off months. Using local growers can also help reduce the cost, and are more eco-friendly in today’s sustainable environment.

The Sense of Taste: Food Pairings
Food is most certainly part of the design. From the stylized dessert table spreads to plating aesthetics, the cuisine at your wedding should be personal and may tie your entire theme together. Utilizing seasonal fruits and veggies like apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, and gourds can be an unexpected element in your arrangements and tabletop décor. Try utilizing herbs like sage, basil, lavender, oregano, and rosemary into your floral centerpieces for a lively aroma.

The Sense of Sound: Musical Notes
What is the overall vibe you are hoping to achieve? Authentic music creates the ambiance in your environment and for today’s bride, anything goes. Set the stage and incorporate your favorite musicians, band, or DJ stylings as part of your wedding day experience.

Fleurs in Bloom
JANUARY – Amaryllis, Citrus
FEBRUARY – Daffodils, Narcissus
MARCH – Tulips, Ranunculus (through April)
APRIL –Sweet Peas, Lilac
MAY – Peonies (through June), Hydrangea, Protea
JUNE – Gerberas
JULY – Sunflowers
AUGUST – Dahlias
SEPTEMBER  – Black Eyed Susans
OCTOBER – Marigolds, Chrysanthemums
NOVEMBER – Bittersweet, Roses (some varieties, year round)
DECEMBER – Lilies, Anemones (through April)

Jennifer Dery Photography via (1)  Jennifer Dery Photography via (2)  Jennifer Dery Photography via (3)  Jennifer Dery Photography via (4)[Photography] Jennifer Dery Photography
[Floral Design] Adrianne Smith Floral Design

Ceremony Magazine San Francisco 2014 Tabletop Inspiration | Garden Grandeur

Lucie XYZ Photography via (2) layoutbar_main-3Lucie XYZ Photography via (3)  Lucie XYZ Photography via (4)  Lucie XYZ Photography via (5)  Lucie XYZ Photography via (6)  Lucie XYZ Photography via (7) layoutbar_main-3Lucie XYZ Photography via (8)

Roses, Dahlias, Scabiosa Pods, Stock

[Photography] Lucie XYZ Photography
[Rentals] Classic Party Rentals
[Location] Thomas Fogarty Winery
[Floral Design] Huckleberry Karen Designs